Download eLML: Difference between the stable and the developer release

eLML is available in two versions:

  1. Stable Version: A term ZIP file for immediate download with the latest stable eLML release.
  2. Developer Version: Install eLML via term CVS (for developers working with eLML)

We are using Eclipse in our examples, since this is an open source tool available for many platforms. Please read the Eclipse instructions if you have never worked with Eclipse before. If you are an author using (or planning to use) the content server: Please read the content server chapter carefully and be sure to know the basics of term CVS .

When you have finished installing eLML you can continue with creating your first testlesson and looking at our extensive eLML documentation. Dont miss the output formats section with instructions on how to transform your content into different formats and check the tools available for eLML. For bugfixes, questions, feature requests etc. please consult the eLML support.