Tools for eLML

What good is a great framework like eLML if you need to do everything "by hand" and messing around with XML and XSLT? It remains a framework for the experts who know how to work with an XML editor and how to program XSL transformations. Therefore the University of Zurich and other started to create tools for eLML back in 2006 but it took over two years until 2008 the first useable tools were published (all under an open source licence). We divide between tools for editing, presenting or managing eLML lessons.

Edit your lessons with easy-to-use editors

Transformation tool to create various output formats

  • EasyELML: Transform your eLML lesson into HTML, PDF, ePub and other formats with one mouseclick.

Graphical tools for creating eLML layout templates

  • Template Builder: Create eLML layout templates using a simple webbrowser. No XSLT-knowledge needed!

Repository: Storing, managing and versioning