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How can I participate or contribute?

If you are looking for an interesting topic for your thesis or diploma work, consider one of the following projects:

New output formats:

  1. IMS Common Cartridge: The new IMS CC format for course export/import into an LMS supports content, quizzes (QTI), tools (LTI) and discussion forums. This project would have to evaluate first on how the CC standard is supported and if new features like forum-support have to be introduced into eLML and then a XSLT-based Common Cartridge converter would have to be developed.
  2. SCORM 2004: Many modern LMS's offer the possibility to import SCORM 2004 content and therefore it would be important for the eLML to not only offer SCORM 1.2 but also the 2004 format as an output format. But since eLML is more focused on linear navigation and does not offer sequencing, it is imperative to first developed a concept about how SCORM 2004 is supported in eLML before developing a converter.
  3. Slides version: Export an eLML lesson as slides. What format? E.g. Open Office Impact or HTML-based S5 or a PDF version?
  4. eLML Flash client/output: Either a transformation from XML to Flash (is there a XML format behind flash?) or a kind of Flash player to import eLML lessons transform them into flash files. These Flash files could then be distributed as standalone lessons and that run platform-independent.
  5. PDFXML Converter: Adobe's Mars project (still experimental) offers the possibility to create PDFs based on XML without using FO and an FO parser. A transformation file to create PDFXML code out of an eLML lesson might be very useful.

New eLML tools development:

  1. Metadata Editor: Although the eLML structure does include metadata, the Firedocs eLML editor does not offer a WYSIWYG GUI yet to enter eLML metadata. At the University of Zurich we have developed a webbased metadata editor based on OLAT for the edulap project. Maybe this tool could serve as a basis for creating an eLML metadata editor? Preferably the editor should be based on the Firefox XUL format and work together with the exiting Firedocs eLML editor.
  2. Client to transform and manage eLML lessons with features like: Transformation of lessons into various formats, preview, versioning, project management, project navigation, import/export etc. Similar to the Lenya Add-On but as a standalone software. Preferably based on Firefox and with Firedocs eLML editor included? To be defined.
  3. OpenOffice plugin: As a results of a student's thesis we do have a beta version of an eLML offline editor working with OpenOffice. The plugin is programmed in Java and supports most eLML elements plus an export feature. We are looking for someone to finalize the plugin and release it as an open source tool via the eLML project page.
  4. Default layout/themes: Why not include some nice layout templates in eLML? If you have some flair for graphics and XSLT/CSS knowledge you could create some nice default templates for eLML (like Kubrik or K2 in Wordpress etc.) either using the Template Builder or using XSLT.
  5. EndNote Interface: People using EndNote should have an easy interface to use their bibliography with an eLML lesson.
  6. Tool to create non-linear navigation (e.g. topic/concept maps) similar to e.g. ShowMeDo's Learning Paths.

GSoC 2008 is history!

The following eLML projects were successfully realized during summer 2008 and integrated into the eLML project: